This is me a long time ago. I don't look like that now so you probably wouldn't recognize me.

I live in Redondo Beach, California (the South Bay region of Los Angeles) with my wife and two retired greyhounds.

When I was just getting started in photography, I had the good fortune to work with an extremely talented friend and mentor who won a Pulitzer Prize in photography. He would send me out on an assignment, and later when editing the images he would say, "Craig, what was your point of view?"

At first I didn't really understand and mistakenly thought he was talking about what angle or distance I was shooting, although that does apply. But what he really meant was, "What kind of story are you trying to tell with this picture?"

I still think about that. Am I sympathetic to the subject or do I dislike it? Is it just about color and light or abstraction? Sometimes it's just instinct--something catches your eye and you want to share it with the world. That's what I do, look through this little black box and capture moments frozen in time. I do it because I have to, there is just something inside that pushes me to look around and capture what I see.

Hopefully you will like what you see and want to purchase a print to hang on your wall, license an image for stock, send me out on assignment, or just contact me to say hello.